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These advice are given by Emin Okutan from Viveka 

Critical thinking is an important of setting up a company and a product. Think hard and try to bring in new perspectives by observing your field of work and reading from multiple sources, and interviewing key figures. No idea emerges out of the void, inspiration is rigged by your daily exposure to information. Example if you read WIRED occasionally you will be inspired by the ideas yet without testing in real life situation you will never whether it was actually a great idea. Once an idea is formed test out empirically if possible. Debate with a variety of figures from  diverse backgrounds. Put some effort into actual thinking. 

Advice for Local Entrepreneurs

Learn how to think

When you are picking team mates and employees make sure they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. In addition to their skill set and knowledge their attitude matters. Best attitude prompt good quality work with good manners. One of the three qualities could be lacking which is fine. Two out of three is terrible you should stop working as soon as possible. Most Turks are known as competitive, vague in their communication and relationships, not as time sensitive as Westerners. Set your goals and expectation clear otherwise things can quickly get chaotic.  Turks are dominantly used to paternalistic managers. Managers centralises authority and critical decisions. Diffusion of power and decision making is only shared with a close knit group of stakeholders in the upper ranks. Who is going to be part of the close circle is a huge reason why there is always ongoing power politics.Foreigners working in Turkey will admit that they feel left out of the ring of discussion. This is normal because Turks are not used to intimately working with foreigners in comparison to US.Force yourself to work with people that are different than you, that can plug in the holes you leave behind and learn to manage that relationship that will be tested with hardship and stress.

Advice for Foreign Entrepreneurs

Learn how to form and manage a team

Advice for Foreign Investors

Learn how to build

Learn to use your resources effectively. What can your product achieve with the limited resources ? Product specifications should match customer demands. Don’t overload your product and service with features. Focus on what makes a difference. Involve your target customers in the early prototype stage. Don’t work in isolation. Learn to find partners with experience to contribute to certain parts of your project plan. Negotiate with your suppliers. Don’t shy away from being persistent when it comes to deadlines. Be pushy in both getting the right place and the right time from your suppliers. 

Advice for Foreign Companies

Learn how to sell 

How essential is your product ? Remember urban educated minority that are tech savvy are in the minority. Think about how to reach the large middle class. Find out about the habits of the bottom of the pyramid. Don’t underestimate them you can do great things when you use technology to lift burdens. Selling to government is very difficult requires strong references and contacts. Most government representatives are eager to meet and talk with startups but the sales cycle is really long.When you are engaged with a B to B partner make sure you are not stuck too long with the gatekeepers. Try reaching to the economic buyer of the company without alienating your stakeholders. Their sales cycle is also long. Try to track their fiscal periods and make sure you are included in their budget for the upcoming year. Turkish businesses are notoriously difficult to collect your payables. Starting asking in advance. Plan your cash follow accordingly. When making deals always use written communication as a proof of discussion.