Bowei Gai, the founder of the World Startup Wiki and the World Startup Report.

Bowei Gai has been a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, the CEO of CardMunch, which he sold to LinkedIn in 2011. After that he was curious to learn more about what it would take to establish a business in one of the emerging markets. However, it became clear that he did not know anything about any other market than the United States.

So Bowei traveled around the world for 9 months, totaling 29 countries and 36 cities. With one main goal: to understand what it takes to build a startup in these countries, from facts to names, from culture to opportunites. 

After months of intense traveling and researching, Bowei and his team have seeded their data here, at the World Startup Wiki. They hope others would join in and turn this open platform into a Wikipedia for building startups anywhere in the world. 

We hope all passionate entrepreneurs from around the world can leverage this tool to learn more about different markets, broaden their startup knowledge and experience an easier time building their next startup. 

Enjoy reading, learning and exploring!

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