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Population (Total, 2012)
GDP (current US$, 2012)
Mobile cellular subscriptions (per 100 people, 2012)
Minimum Salary By Law (Yearly, in $USD)
Mobile Internet Penetration (% of population)
Smart Phone Penetration (% of population)
Credit Card Penetration (% of population)
Country Flag
Philippines Country Data96,706,764$250,000,000,000106.77$2,700114 (as of 2012)18 (as of 2012)7 (as of 2012)

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Welcome to the Philippines Startup Wiki! This is a guide to building startups in the Philippines powered by the local community. This wiki contains a vast amount of information, so feel free to explore around and interact with these data. If you have any specific questions, click here to send us a note and someone will try to help!

Guide for Aspiring Filipino Entrepreneurs

The best way to get started is to learn more about the country by taking a look at its backgroundcommunity and following this quick start guide. What's more, take some words of advice.

Guide Philippine Startup Weekend Graduates

You need to know more about Philippine's ecosystem and the processes of establishing your startup. Moreover, make sure you understand the local opportunities before jumping into anything.

Guide for Foreign Entrepreneurs

You might want to start learning the country's history and culture followed by understanding their startup successes. You will also find notable policies and visa information valuable. Find out more about local opportunities and stay out of trouble by being aware of the controversies.

Guide Foreign Investors

Before everything else, make sure you understand the country's culture. Learn more about the opportunities and get some valuable advice. Also, check out this quick overview of their startup ecosystem. Feel free to use the interactive charts to filter information.

Guide Foreign Companies

Use the opportunity map to check out your local competitors. It is also important to understand the local culture and learn how to establish your startup in the country. Also, get some good advice before expanding to the country.

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