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Opportunities at a Glance

Internet & Mobile Opportunities

Pakistan currently has a mobile penetration rate of 80% with 133 million mobile subscribers and growing at 1.15 million new subscribers per month. Currently imports of mobile handsets stand at between 1.5M and 1.7M units per month, with 85% of mobiles sold priced between PKR 1,500 and PKR 4,000, with the remaining 15% being smartphones.

There are around 18 million internet users in Pakistan, with about 15 million accessing the internet through their mobile phone and 3 million broadband users, which is expected to rise to 45 million by 2020. The 3G auction is also expected to increase smartphone sales to 40% market share by April 2015.

Competitive Advantages

1.     Young and educated workforce

2.     Third largest English speaking population in the world, with approximately 49% of the population being able to communicate in basic English.

3.     Wide-open business opportunities with little competition

Competitive Disadvantages

1.     Brain drain

2.     Government corruption

3.     Security situation though improving still creates issues

4.     Currently the target market for internet businesses is still small, however is expected to grow rapidly after 3G adoption


1.     Online payment system is still not developed within Pakistan, however is gaining traction

2.     Wireless connectivity is slow, but should improve rapidly after deployment of 3G