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About WSR & WSW

What is World Startup Report? 

World Startup Report (WSR) is an initiative led by founder, Bowei Gai, to document and connect the world’s startup communities through a series of easily digestible reports detailing the impact of local culture, trends, key players and challenges.

What is World Startup Wiki?

World Startup Wiki (WSW) aims to be an encyclopedic guide of the world’s different startup ecosystems. It is designed to educate and empower startups, community organizers and investors in every country and city, globally. Content will be community-driven and curated by local activists and ambassadors, dependent upon the contribution and help of volunteers worldwide.

Who is behind the curtain?

WSR founder Bowei Gai is an ex-Silicon Valley entrepreneur who is less of a “man-behind-the-curtain” and more “enthusiastic-leader-who-wants-to-learn-and-share” kind of person. Bowei, along with the tireless efforts of the WSR Core Team (made up of dedicated contributors and volunteers) want to facilitate access, collaboration and connectivity between fellow startup enthusiasts worldwide.

How did it start?

Three years ago, while on a fact finding mission in China, Bowei innocently decided to document his experience there via SlideShare in something he entitled “The China Startup Report.” This report went viral; opening up a dialogue and prompting much discussion not only within China but worldwide.

This is when Bowei realized how little content was available about individual startup cultures globally. Now Bowei has returned from a journey in which he explored the startup ecosystems of 36 cities in 29 countries and he is ready to share.

What is the company mission?

To empower and connect the world startup community by providing an entrepreneurial reference website that will be readily accessible to anyone who is interested, free of charge.

How do WSR and WSW operate?

WSR is a not-for-profit organization. Its operations are powered by the WSR Core Team, who is responsible for day to day operations, as well as volunteers who contribute their invaluable time, energy and knowledge to the cause. Conjointly WSW is managed by the WSR Core Team and is meant to be an open free source of information, and will rely heavily on the contributions of WSR Country Ambassadors and readers worldwide.

Funding of WSR relies on the generosity of its individual sponsors, as well as the founder, Bowei Gai. If you are interested in sponsoring or contributing to WSR’s efforts, please click here

World Startup Ambassador

How many World Startup Ambassadors do you plan to have?

Our aim is to have about three (3) World Startup Ambassadors per country/city; one of them will be the lead ambassador. However, this number could change depending on the size of the city/country.

How do you choose your World Startup Ambassadors?

Ambassadors can apply here. WSR chooses ambassadors based on their background, expertise, and knowledge about their corresponding city/country and its startup ecosystem. Ambassadors are usually selected from VCs, reputable startup event organizers, and community leaders from startup groups within the country/city.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a World Startup Ambassador?

  • Represent the World Startup Report within the country’s startup community; they may be called upon to be present and/or speak at meetups and other events

  • Provide insights, analyses, and advice on startup-related topics for the benefit of the community

  • Contribute to and update the World Startup Wiki with information derived from reliable sources

How much time must a World Startup Ambassador dedicate to his/her duties?

Initially, a newly minted World Startup Ambassador should dedicate ten (10) hours of his/her time towards these duties on the first week of their appointment (more details will be given to the ambassador). After the initial week, he/she should allocate at least two (2) hours of their time each week for the accomplishment of their duties and responsibilities.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the lead ambassador?

Lead ambassadors organise events with the aid of other World Startup Ambassadors. For instance, If an executive of a major dotcom company plans to pay a visit, the lead  ambassador coordinates with WSR and fellow ambassadors to organize an event, benefiting the startup community via the said executive sharing knowledge and insights, as well as provide opportunities for networking.

Is the lead ambassador designation passed on to another ambassador?

Yes, the role of lead ambassador will be transferred to another World Startup Ambassador after a given time (the community is also consulted), allowing each of the ambassadors the opportunity to assume a leadership role and contribute further to the local startup community.

How long is a World Startup Ambassador’s term?

We haven’t decided on term lengths. Tentatively, we are thinking it should be a 2-year term in order to allow other members of the startup community the chance to be able to take on this challenging role.

What if a World Startup Ambassador wishes to withdraw from his/her role?

We understand that there might be life or work situations that may necessitate the need for a World Startup Ambassador to step down. If an ambassador wishes to relinquish his or her post, then he or she should inform WSR here at the soonest time possible.

To whom should community members send feedback or criticism concerning a World Startup Ambassador?

WSR considers the role of World Startup Ambassador as a very important and integral position in the local startup community. We do not assign this distinction lightly.

Should you have any comments or suggestions for and about our World Startup Ambassadors, please send it here at the soonest time possible.


What is Silk?

Silk is a new platform that allows people to interact with data. Think of a wiki that allows every piece of information to be manipulated. We have partnered up with Silk to share the World Startup Wiki to the world, and we are very grateful for this chance to work with their versatile and unique platform.

Do you want to see what Silk can do for your data? Click here

Are Silk and World Startup Report one company?

Silk and World Startup Report are separate and distinct organizations. It just so happens that WSR has teamed up with Silk to bring you the World Startup Wiki and other projects connected to World Startup Report.

Is any component of the World Startup Wiki outsourced?

Initially, most of the work involving the creation and maintenance of the World Startup Wiki is done in-house. A portion of the work is also distributed to volunteers from startup communities all over the world.

As the World Startup Wiki matures, more and more of the tasks involving correcting and updating the data will be shared the many volunteers that take it upon themselves to help grow this body of knowledge. In other words, this will be an increasingly crowdsourced endeavor.

What is your collaboration agreement with Silk?

As of now, we have no collaboration agreement with Silk.

What does Silk gain collaborating with WSR?

Silk will be able to test their product through hosting the World Startup Wiki and other projects, and the WSR team will also pitch in by helping them spread the word about their Silk platform.