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The following video shows how you can create a column chart showing both the current valuation or exit value and the amount of money raised by a group of startups. 

In this video we filter on startups in the Philippines and limit the chart to the 10 biggest startups in terms of current valuation or exit value.

How to create a visualization like this

  1. Click 'Explore' on top of the page

  2. You want to visualize the 'Startup' collection, so select it under the 'Collection' drop down
  3. Click on the visualization icon and select 'Column Chart'
  4. Select the columns you want to see in the bar chart. We picked 'Current Valuation or Exit Amount' and 'Total Amount Raised'
  5. Click the 'More' button for more visualization options
  6. Select 'Current Valuation...' as the tag to sort with
  7. Select '10' under the 'Maximum Items' drop down
  8. Click 'Filter' button on the top left of the page
  9. Click 'Add filter' and select 'Country'
  10. Select a country you want to filter on. We picked 'Philippines'

Be sure to play around with the options and tags you want to see displayed!

About the result

We can see that in contrast to countries in the developed world, majority of the successful startups in the Philippines are bootstrapped or self funded.

Current Valuation or Exit Amount ($USD)
Total Amount Raised ($USD)