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The following video shows how you can create a opportunity color map showing the market saturation in an opportunity space in a country. It has a color coded indication of the amount of competition in an opportunity space, and also shows global leaders, local leaders, and local players.

In this video we filter on opportunities in the Philippines and limit the grid to consumer-to-consumer spaces.

How to create a visualization like this

  1. Click 'Explore' on top of the page

  2. You want to visualize the 'Opportunity' collection, so select it under the 'Collection' drop down

  3. Click on the visualization icon and select 'Grid'

  4. Pick the tag that has images. In this case the only option is 'Saturation Color'

  5. Click the 'More' button for more visualization options

  6. Select 'Market Saturation...' as the tag to sort with

  7. Add 'Worldwide Market Leader', 'Local Market Leader', and 'Local Player' as additional items to show up under the images on the grid
  8. Select '100' under the 'Maximum Items' drop down

  9. Click 'Filter' button on the top left of the page

  10. Select an opportunity category you want to filter on. We picked 'C2C' (consumer-to-consumer)

Be sure to play around with the options and tags you want to see displayed!

About the result

We can see that there are many open startup opportunities in the Philippines that are marked green, namely in the areas of Auction, Subscription Retail, etc. However as we scroll down, we see more yellow, orange and red, which corresponds from infancy to saturated markets. 

Take the "Listing" opportunity for example. We can see that the worldwide leader is Craigslist, the local leader is Sulit, but there are other players like Ayos Dito, OLX Philippines. 

As you can see, this tool can be a very important research tool for startups and investors alike! Feel free to play around with it yourself see what you can find out.

Opportunity pages with C2C as Opportunity Category