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The following video shows how you can create a line chart showing the Market Saturation and Mobile Market Saturation of the Philippines.

Be sure to play around with the options and tags you want to see displayed!

How to create a visualization like this

  1. Click 'Explore' on top of the page

  2. You want to visualize the 'Opportunity' collection, so select it under the 'Collection' drop down

  3. Click on the visualization icon and select 'Line Chart'

  4. Select the lines you want to see in the bar chart. We picked 'Market Saturation...' and 'Mobile Market Saturation...'

  5. Click the 'More' button for more visualization options

  6. Select 'Market Saturation...' as the tag to sort with

About the result

From this opportunity overview graph, we can conclude that most of the startup opportunities in the Philippines are either nonexistent or in infancy stage. There are a few businesses in other stages of maturation, but on average, the Philippines opportunity averages around 1.5, which means the overall market is between infancy and semi mature. 

What's also interesting to note the Red line actually indicates the market saturation for the mobile version of these business, as in a job recruiting startup vs. a job recruiting mobile-first startup. From this graph, we can see the average mobile saturation is around 0.5, which means most of the mobile opportunites in the Philippines are between nonexistent and infancy. 

Feel free to play around with it yourself see what you can find out.

Market Saturation (4-Saturated, 3-Matured, 2-Semi-Matured, 1-Infancy, 0-Nonexistent)
Mobile Market Saturation (4-Saturated, 3-Matured, 2-Semi-Matured, 1-Infancy, 0-Nonexistent)
Carpool Service - Philippines
Crowdfunding - Malaysia
Auto Sales - Brazil
Home Furnishing - Malaysia
Mobile Payments - Philippines
CRM - Malaysia
Legal - Brazil
Private Sales - Philippines
Recipe - Brazil
Managed Hosting Services - Malaysia
Music streaming - Philippines
Outsourcing Services - Brazil
Serious Dating - Philippines
Housing Sharing - Malaysia
Bitcoin Exchange - Philippines
Social Community - Brazil
Blogging - Malaysia
Private Car Service - Malaysia
Job Boards - Malaysia
MOOC - Philippines
Online Superstore - Brazil
Social Network - Philippines
Marketplace - Malaysia
Niche Dating - Malaysia
Blogging - Philippines
Carpool Service - Brazil
Electronics - Brazil
Music streaming - Brazil
Marketplace - Brazil
Remittance - Brazil
Auto Sales - Philippines
Housing Sharing - Philippines
Accounting - Brazil
Auction - Brazil
Ticketing - Brazil
Plane Ticketing - Brazil
Mobile Payments - Malaysia
Remittance - Malaysia
Mobile Communication - Philippines
Job Boards - Brazil
Mobile Payments - Brazil
Customer Service - Brazil
Payroll - Brazil
Mobile Gaming - Malaysia
Online Payment - Malaysia
Bitcoin Exchange - Brazil
Ticketing - Malaysia
Mobile Gaming - Brazil
Merchange Processing - Brazil
Niche Dating - Philippines
Social Community - Philippines
Local Discovery - Philippines
Subscription Retail - Philippines
Home Furnishing - Brazil
Private Sales - Brazil
Taxes - Brazil
Remittance - Philippines
Taxes - Malaysia
Managed Hosting Services - Philippines
Music streaming - Malaysia
Office Rental - Malaysia
Delivery - Malaysia
Groceries - Philippines
Private Car Service - Brazil
Desktop Gaming - Brazil
Education Admin - Brazil
Microwork - Brazil
Microwork - Philippines
Taxi Service - Brazil
Private Sales - Malaysia
Casual Encounter - Malaysia
Home Purchase - Brazil
Customer Service - Philippines
MOOC - Malaysia
Group Buying - Malaysia
Recipe - Philippines
Bitcoin Exchange - Malaysia
Auction - Philippines
Hotel Booking - Brazil
Groceries - Malaysia
Carpool Service - Malaysia
Housing Sharing - Brazil
Job Boards - Philippines
Local Discovery - Malaysia
Web Search - Philippines
Social Network - Brazil
Delivery - Philippines
Mobile Communication - Brazil
Virtual Assistant - Malaysia
Reservation - Philippines
Desktop Gaming - Philippines
Blogging - Brazil
Plane Ticketing - Philippines
Lending - Philippines
Listing - Brazil
Payroll - Philippines
Hotel Booking - Philippines
Taxi Service - Malaysia
Crowdfunding - Brazil
Apartment Rental - Malaysia
Subscription Retail - Malaysia
Private Car Service - Philippines
Web Search - Malaysia
Crowdfunding - Philippines
Online Superstore - Philippines
Auto Sales - Malaysia
CRM - Brazil
Niche Dating - Brazil
Virtual Assistant - Philippines
Microwork - Malaysia
Apartment Rental - Philippines
Home Furnishing - Philippines
Office Rental - Brazil
Mobile Gaming - Philippines
Payroll - Malaysia
Home Purchase - Philippines
Taxes - Philippines
Office Rental - Philippines
Reservation - Malaysia
Social Community - Malaysia
Subscription Retail - Brazil
Merchange Processing - Malaysia
Gambling - Brazil
Group Buying - Philippines
Outsourcing Services - Malaysia
Listing - Philippines
Serious Dating - Brazil
Mobile Communication - Malaysia
Web Search - Brazil
Social Network - Malaysia
Apartment Rental - Brazil
Legal - Malaysia
Lending - Brazil
Virtual Assistant - Brazil
Home Purchase - Malaysia
Desktop Gaming - Malaysia
Casual Encounter - Brazil
Online Payment - Brazil
Merchange Processing - Philippines
Auction - Malaysia
Recipe - Malaysia
Online Superstore - Malaysia
Electronics - Philippines
Online Payment - Philippines
Group Buying - Brazil
Reservation - Brazil
Lending - Malaysia
Legal - Philippines
Delivery - Brazil
Managed Hosting Services - Brazil
Fashion - Philippines
Fashion - Malaysia
Marketplace - Philippines
Plane Ticketing - Malaysia
Gambling - Philippines
Ticketing - Philippines
Education Admin - Philippines
Taxi Service - Philippines
Groceries - Brazil
Serious Dating - Malaysia
CRM - Philippines
Outsourcing Services - Philippines
Fashion - Brazil
Accounting - Philippines
Education Admin - Malaysia
Gambling - Malaysia
Local Discovery - Brazil
Customer Service - Malaysia
Hotel Booking - Malaysia
MOOC - Brazil
Electronics - Malaysia
Listing - Malaysia
Casual Encounter - Philippines
Accounting - Malaysia