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Welcome to China Startup Wiki! This is your guide to building startups in China compiled by the local community. It already has a lot of information, but we feel it could have more. It would be great if you could contribute by adding what you feel is missing! Just send your comments to and we will take care of it!   

Guides for aspiring local entrepreneurs

The best way to learning about the China Startup Ecosystem is by taking a look at its history, community and following this quick start guide. If you are already in the process of raising money, check out the local investors list.

Guides for StartupWeekend graduates

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You have your billion dollar idea, you have also found the perfect partner to start this company with. What to do now? How to Establish Your Startup is the section you will definitely want to study. Moreover, make sure you understand the local opportunities and check out your local competitors before jumping into starting your business. 

Guides for foreign entrepreneurs

You might want to start learning the country's history and culture before going into country's local startup successes. You will also find notable policies and visa information to be valuable. Be sure to check out the local opportunities and stay out of trouble by being mindful of the controversies in China.

Guides for foreign investors

Here is a list of the notable successes in China and here is a list of the rising stars in the community. However, before you start investing, you might want to read up on the startup ecosystem history and spend some time going over the local market opportunities

Guides for foreign companies

You can use the opportunity map to get a sense of the competitive landscape in China, and discover some local competitors to your industry. Once you are ready, here is what you need to know on how to establish a company in China. Be sure to spend time reading about the local culture to avoid any potential cultural insensitivities.